Bullet Train Integration
If you are using the CommandBox Bullet Train module, the Service Manager will contribute its own bullet train car that shows you the stats of the default server for a given directory.
FORGEBOX: CommandBox Bullet Train
install commandbox-bullet-train
You can turn this additional car on or off by setting the following config setting in the bullet train module:
config set modules.commandbox-bullet-train.serverServiceEnable=false
You can customize the background color as well like so:
config set modules.commandbox-bullet-train.serverServiceBG=grey
Remember, the status text in the car can be green, red, yellow, or orange, so choose a color that doesn't render the text unreadable.
You can change the order the car appears in the prompt using the name serverService like so:
config set modules.commandbox-bullet-train.carOrder=boxVersion,package,serverService,status,execTime
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